Get to know the City Scouts Team!


Hey there! I’m Riley and I started this camp. I love exploring the city and discovering new places to check out. I’m passionate about movies, spikeball and making people laugh. I’m really excited for campers to learn how to use the TTC because it unlocks a whole new world of adventure at that age. I’m super pumped about our team this year, and I can’t wait for the campers to be blown away by what we have in store. 


If you wanna start a chat with me ask me about…. Why Tim Hortons actually sucks


Hi, I’m Megan, but you can call me Meg! This is my third year returning to City Scouts and I am super excited to meet you all this summer 🙂 I studied human geography and city planning in school and I am very passionate about all things urban like biking, the TTC, history, and trying new foods! I also love making maps and going to the dentist!! 


If you want to start a good conversation with me ask me about Harry Potter or my strong dislike of cheese!


Hey everyone! My name is Zeinab but you can call me Dr Z! This is my second year here at City Scouts! Fun fact about myself; I was an athlete for over 10 years playing basketball, softball and running track and field! I’m very excited to spend the summer with you all and I hope to make it the best summer yet 🙂 


If you want to start a conversation with me, ask me about music and I will give you my hottest takes 🙂


Hi, I’m David. I love camp, I have been working at and attending camps for as long as I can remember. If you want to start a good conversation with me I’m interested in rock climbing, reading, math and cooking. I’m looking forward to seeing you all this summer. 


Fun fact: I can ride a unicycle.


Hey, my name is Reilly. I like to watch movies, tv shows, and anime. My favourite movie franchise is Star Wars and I think Harry Potter is absolutely horrible. I like to play baseball and go to the gym. I get really tired in the mornings so you will always see me with an energy drink so you can call me red bull. 


I love to talk about video games and such so if you want to talk be sure to come up and say hello.


Hi, I’m Marvin! I’m a Photographer and videographer born and raised in Scarborough! I grew up loving travelling, photography, anime, videogames, and the sport of basketball. I have a crippling YouTube addiction which got me to pursue and graduate film school so if you want to know anything about cameras I’m your guy!


Hey!!! It’s Daisy here and I’m excited to get to know the city with you! I grew up in Toronto and love everything it has to offer. Taking pictures of the city and finding new places to eat are some of my favourite things to do. If you’re a fan of some good food, we’ll get along just fine! I’m also a major Blue Jays fan and love to talk about sports. Most of all, I can’t wait to have an awesome summer at City Scouts! 


If you want to start a chat with me, tell me about your favourite band! I love music!!


Hi, I’m Ana! I am a second-year medical student! I love hiking, learning about food as medicine and making different recipes! I grew up in Bowmanville and lived in Ottawa for 4 years but just moved to Toronto last year! My favourite thing about Toronto is trying new restaurants and spending time exploring new neighbourhoods, shops and trails within the city! 

You can start a fun conversation with me about different types of food and restaurants in the city! 


Hi, I’m David! I am interested in a range of sports, movies, anime, and music. Really not set on any genre or types of those. I love to work out and spend time at the gym. I hope to do a powerlifting meet eventually. I am really excited about this summer and want everyone to have the most fun possible. 


Feel free to come and talk to me about any of those topics!


Hey, it’s Sasha! I’m super excited to meet everyone and get to explore the city with you. I love being outside and playing sports, I’m trying to learn to play tennis this summer and have rowed for the past 4 years. One of my hobbies is baking and finding new bakeries around the city, be sure to let me know if you have any suggestions! 


I have a yellow lab named Serafina who is the absolute cutest, if you want to start a chat with me tell me about you’re pets or any pet that you might want in the future!!


Hii everyone!! My name is Sierra and I am very excited to be spending this summer with you all. I’ve just graduated grade 12 and am taking a gap year before going back to school! A few fun facts about me: I’ve been running track since I have been in elementary school, RACE ME!! I have 3 pets, two dogs and a cat; A Rotweiller (Isabelle), Presa Canario (Beatrice), and a Tabby Cat (Tammy). If you wanna start a chat with me, let’s talk about track, the gym, or dogs!!


My name’s Kiernan, and I’m so excited to be a guide to the greatest city in the world. I’ve been a news reporter in Saskatchewan and British Columbia, and have a real interest in journalism and the world we live in. As a professional listener, my goal as a councillor is to let campers chat about whatever’s on their mind as they meet new friends and explore the city. Since I’m also an identical twin,  you’ll have to make sure it’s really me every day. 


If you want to start a conversation with me, ask me about good books!


Hi, my name is Gabriel but you can call me Gabe. As of late, my main passion has been learning new songs on the guitar, so it may not come as a surprise that I love rock, specifically Led Zeppelin. However, when it comes to music I love talking about any genre rap, r&b, electronic and a little funk music always brightens my day. Stepping away from music, sports are a big part of my life, I played hockey my whole life, played baseball during most of my summers, and a pickup basketball game is one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon. Lastly, video games are super fun so if you want to start a conversation with me I would start there. I cannot wait to get to know every single one of you.