Don’t be afraid, ask us anything!

Where is the camp located?

131 Lowther Ave. Toronto ON (2 blocks west of St. George station)

Can my kid be in the same team as their friend?

We will make sure that all friends are kept together in the same group! There is a space to notify us of friends who want to be together but do not worry if you have not filled that out or forgot to, all groups are arranged on the first day.

What age group should I register my kid in?

All age groups are recommendations only, so if you have siblings or friends who span the age group suggestions feel free to register them at the same level. It should also be know that the program is the same for all age levels and only the difficulty of the tasks and the distances travelled are adjusted for the relative ages of the groups. The age groups are ages 9-10 for Street Smarties, 11-12 for explorers, and 13-14 for Navigators. These ages are based on campers end of the year ages.

Are they supervised all day?

Each group will have a counselor assigned to them that will guide them through the day. However, we do encourage campers to explore neighborhoods once they have arrived. This is done at their counselor’s discretion and always with a buddy. (This independent exploration is mostly when kids want to venture to buy lunch or check out a store within a block or two)

What do you do on inclement weather days?

We have found that rain in our Toronto summers often is short-lived and we encourage groups to try to make the best out of it. In heavier rain situations we will run a camp-wide game of the PATH Challenge. We also have canopies for hanging out at base camp.

What is the earliest drop-off and latest pick-up time?

For an additional fee, extended care starts at 7:45 am and finishes at 5:15 pm. This offers an extra hour before and after the start of camp. Before care and after care options individually as well.

What time does camp begin each morning?

Campers should arrive between 8:45 am and 9 am. They will return to camp headquarters around 3:30 pm for pick-up at 4 pm.

What activities exactly will my child be doing in the week they are there?

By design, the day plan will be randomly selected each morning before the campers leave so there is no way of knowing exactly what any group will do each day. We do know that we’ll be hanging out on the island every Friday though!

What should my child bring to camp each day?

A Lunch or money for lunch


A water bottle

A hat


A swimsuit and a towel. The only day campers are guaranteed to swim is the final Friday when we go to the Island. We suggest campers bring a swimsuit every day for especially hot days when their counselor might take them to a pool.

Can my child bring money?

Yes! Although it is absolutely not required. City Scouts counselors will purchase a tasting every day for every camper. However, if your child wants to buy lunch or finds a cool knick-knack while exploring they are allowed to purchase it at their discretion. We hope that all parents have a discussion on what they deem as appropriate purchases and our counselors will have final discretion.