Counselor In Training

Become a City Expert and a City Scouts Counselor!

About The Counselor In Training Program

The program will have only 8 CITs per week. 

Mondays are going to be full training days. 

Tuesday – Thursday will be split days, mornings spent with junior cabins and afternoons in training.

Fridays will be Island days with the rest of the camp. 

Training is going to partially comprised of content from the regular staff training but also a large portion of time spent on more extreme and fun ways of becoming “City Scouts Experts” through TTC training and designing games.

This program will be run by the owner of the camp. Riley. It is a free volunteering program.

With this program the campers will be treated as fully independent and capable of moving through the city by themselves. Our hope is that eventually those that go through the program will one day turn out to be all star camp counselors at City Scouts.

This program is for campers aged 15-16

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