About Us

People will often inquire as to how the camp started. That would start with Riley or as we know him “boss man”. Now 26 years old, Riley has been at the helm of City Scouts for over 7 years. He would describe himself as a curious guy with goofy tendencies.



Our camp was born out of a sense of curiosity and adventure, sparked by the experiences of Riley when he was 15 years old. For Riley, the summer was a time that you would usually go to overnight camp or sign up for day camps when in the city. But at 15 years old, Riley felt that a lot of the programming of day camps were geared to really young campers and felt more like daycare. So this particular summer, Riley and some of his friends did not have much to get up to. Or so they thought. One day an unexpected adventure down to the St Lawrence Market from Riverdale sparked an idea to build a camp around exploring the city. Over the course of an afternoon, Riley and his closest friends walked around, took photos, tried foods, visited shops and met people, which all contributed to a very memorable day. A couple of years later and Riley would take those same memorable experiences, and turn it into a camp.



At City Scouts, we believe that every child deserves the chance to explore their city, discover its hidden gems, and develop their own sense of independence and confidence. Our camp was founded by Riley, who was inspired by his own childhood adventures in the city. He started the camp with just 15 campers in 2017, but it has since grown to accommodate over 1,000 kids each summer. Despite the growth, our core philosophy remains the same: fostering independence through urban adventure.



Our staff is made up of passionate and experienced young people who are dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience for our campers. Each counsellor brings their own unique perspective and enthusiasm to their programs, sharing their favourite parks, street art scenes, and other hidden gems with our campers. This allows our campers to get a genuine taste of Toronto and to form their own ideas on what the city has to offer.



One of the things that make us most proud is seeing our past campers from previous years return as counselors. It’s amazing to see how City Scouts has had such a lasting impact on their lives. We’re not just about having fun – we’re about empowering young people to become independent and intelligent adults. And now, we get to see that vision come full circle as our alumni return to share their own experiences and passions with our campers.



Along with Riley, we have our co-directors, Zeinab, Reilly (aka Little Reilly) and Megan. All of them are former counsellors of course and have done amazing with their different roles. In future years, we hope that we can continue to provide campers with a unique and fun experience, and perhaps have them back as staff someday. For now, we invite you to join us for another summer of urban adventure, character building and fun!

Bossman Riley at 15
The trip to St Lawrence Market that inspired the camp
2018 at the Baldwin Steps
City Scouts Sign Up 2017