The First Urban Adventure
Summer Camp!

City Scouts continues the tradition of summer camps teaching kids the lifelong skills of self-confidence, independence, environmental awareness, and leadership. What sets this camp apart is using the urban environment as our backdrop.
Registration for March Break camp opens on Jan 8th 
Registration for Summer 2024 camps opens Feb. 1st at 10 am

Every week is a different experience! Sign up for more than one week.

Level Up the Summer Camp Experience!

As a parent, you are well aware that the day may come (or perhaps it already has) that your kid will ask to go out on their own and discover their city without you. City Scouts’ hope is that through exposing our campers to navigating city life they will feel safe and comfortable when they’re travelling without parents and have some fun ideas on places they want to explore.

How It Works

Discover a new neighbourhood every day.

The playing field spans the whole city from east to west. Your team will be assigned two neighbourhoods first thing in the morning and it’s your job to complete all the tasks you can. Don’t worry though, there’s lots of time to stop and check out the unique shops, parks, and spaces that each hood offers.

Navigate the city
by TTC.

There are a lot of maps at City Scouts that will show you how to get everywhere. Your team is responsible for figuring out the most efficient and fun route to get between neighbourhoods. This is your chance to learn how the TTC works!

Taste unique
local foods.

Toronto is one of the best food cities in the world! This is largely due to how the city has embraced all the unique cultural offering of its residents. At City Scouts we try unique food every day like dumplings, hodo kwaja,samosas and more! (We also try our best to find something for our campers with allergies as well)

Collect points and emerge victorious!

There are 3 ways to collect points!

Adventures are games that have you looking closely at the neighbourhood around you.

Discoveries are lessons about the history of the city and urban issues the city faces.

Bounties are challenges that can be done anywhere in the city like asking a city worker what their favorite park is.